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hey guys I would like to say for starters anyone who like to get scared and run screaming the zombie hell server is for you. its lots of fun and I really enjoy it. basically you and your teammate buddies go down and hunt bot zombies. you might think bot zombies that sounds dumb but hell I saw them kill almost every admin we got more then once and sent them runing away screaming its lots of fun and I hope some of your guys will try it out.



although it is really fun admins I think you can do a few things to fix it up. for starters smarter/harder zombies, more zombies, maybe a little more fog, use old skins for zombies and maybe use special one for the bosses. because sometimes it gets a little laggy and I actually crashed 2 times today playing it, hell im going back on in a min. lol. these are a few suggestions and I hope i can get a few people to play it more often.

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