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So some people are thinking, what is this???? Basically it is a tournament where teams from all over the world battle it out in 5 different games;


-Dead or Alive 4

-Counterstrike Source

-Forza Motorsport 2

-Fifa 08

-World of Warcraft.


These are all pro players in teams playing for $1,000,000 (I think?)


When I saw some of this last year I thought it was fun to watch. Good to see some pros playing, its a shame that only two good games are being played (css and fifa) :glare:


Who do you support??? I'm guessing it is about where you live because I wouldn't mind London Mint winning (ofcourse).


It is on (for SKY TV Subscribers or whoever has the channel, but that is just for UK people dunno about other countries) Sky Two Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with different starting times, from 10pm to 11:40pm.

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