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well heres my most favourite game of all time.

it has a cool story,good muzik and its uber EPIC!

its about a elite squad of clone troopers in star wars.

they hunt down terrorist leaders,free hostages and play G.I.Joe.

In the game u play the Leader,Boss.

There are 3 other guys in ur team=


Scorch : He likes to blow buildings up and is your explosives expert.

Fixer : he's your uncomplicated enginer and is very passionless.

Sev : Hes the sniper and a psychopathic lunatic.

well these are teh main charakters.


uve got a cool main rifle which u can change into sniper and rpg.

u also can take with you 1 alien weapon.

u need to complete ur training on kamino first,then ull be send to geonosis,the red planet of SW II.

after that u will have to find out what happened to a ghostship.

Your last mission will take place on Chewies homeplanet,Kashyyyk which ends with a victory,but for a very high sacrifice.

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Before he edited the post it read something like: cool game but Sev dies. Don't worry about it though, no need to make reference to the fact that you edited your original post. My reply is still as valid as ever.

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