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This is a little off of the regular topics, but still related to Zombie mod nonetheless. One of my biggest peeves when playing any online game is when someone tries to take your in game name and recently there has been some person coming into the escape server (at least only there from what I can tell since that's all I usually play) using my name, but with a slight difference where he tries to name himself TheMaster (note the capital "M") as to where I am always named Themaster in almost anything I play. (sometimes I like to call myself "S" in CS:S) The biggest thing that really ticked me off about this was that he didn't even put a space in between The and master just almost as if he's trying to mimic me. Anyways, has anyone else ever ran into this problem (in ZM or other games) and on a scale of 1-10 how much does people taking your name make you mad? For me it's around 9 and if it's capitalized/spaced the same 10.

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Myself I keep running in people named "Maxwell" on other games which ticks me off a little since it's not used a lot ingame.. there for I came up with "Maxwell Edison", yes, from the Edison story and now in CS:S there is hardly anyone who would tick me off xP

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I always used to run into "LuckyLuke's" So I made Luxz0rz, never seen anything like it other than Suxz0rz, but was a friend and I got my name from that :huh:

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