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Star craft 2

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I am thinking about buying it and not really sure if I should. I played the first one and thought it was really good but this one is $50 and if I am going to buy it I want to make sure its good.



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Clearly! SC1 was highly anticipated and as with most Blizzard projects delayed to make sure they got it right.. I don't expect anything less with SC2. I will be purchasing this one.

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of course SF2 is gonna be good, i played SC1 Brood War since i was like in the 1st grade. now its been 9 years and there still people playing it Online

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What is it?


(And NO, before anyone says, I can't be arsed to Google it).


I was about to say something, but then I realized how young you are.


God damn, you were 5 years old when it came out.

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