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why does your nose run and your feet smell??


would it be bad if a book on fails didn't sell??


why don't you get mouse flavored cat food??


This thread Fails. LOLOL

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Dave, what UKTVG2 used to be. On the Cobra beer adverts, as sponsors, it has those ridiculous questions.


"Prime-time on Dave. Sponsored by Cobra beer."


Things like "If a story started in a pub called 'The Cock' and ended in an inn called 'The Bull' would people believe it?"


serious haha

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the egg came first rather than it's latter, the chicken.



Well every sane person knows that :001_smile:


Also its sad that you know Dave adverts. I watch it sometimes when I am EXTREMELY bored but watching Top Gear episodes for the 5th time?? No thx.

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