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haha anybody else here like to gamble?

im not 21 yet so i don't really head up to vegas much (Its not that far from me) but i do like to go to this this casino called morongo occasionally with a few of my buddies.


i never go balls out haha, i usually roll in with about 50 bucks and leave my credit card at home, although i have been known to throw down 100$ chips if im 200$ up or so as long as somebody does it with me haha.


first time I ever went to gamble I went in with TEN dollars and came out with 290, and the next two times i went I came up over 150$ - Truth (im really lucky i suppose)

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I have a weird thing about money, not really considering a great priority in my life. I am no addict but I do enjoy relaxing and playing some cards. I don't go to a casino unless I have company and even then, I don't drop a great deal of cash just because I lose interest quickly.


It can be fun, but I lose more cash near my dining room table than I do those found in Las Vegas; more amusing that way in my opinion.

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Er I think I'm quite a good poker player.


I don't play much online because you have to play for a whole day straight but when I do play I do £10 entry fee ones and I haven't won but I have had a lot of top 8 finishes, which is usually from £100-£1000 in prize money.

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