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Lol, not even admin yet and i get a complaint :tongue_smilie: buts its only Omar so its ok. I'm in spain on Hols and wont be able to reply to this until tomorrow or mabye later tonight. I'm on the clock with 5 mins left and i didnt get a chance to read the full thread. But what i gathered from the responses you accused me of kiking you....I Don't have admin yet. I did for like a minute when i was given admin because some Ao or Bd didnt know that i hadn't payed. I informed Suri and he removed my powers. Also if you told the truth in the thread then you would have said that apple and i were annoying you. this was because i was informed by an admin....(will finish this later tonight have to go no time left :tongue_smilie: got back for 10 mins....) that Omar refered to me as a racist because i kiked him from ZWAT when he said he was born in Iraw, it had nothing to do with that, he is just annoyng and immature.Also it wasnt all serious, we were just messin around and Omar got angry about it. I read the first part of the complaint and saw that Omar "joined to have chat with Tcp" Tcp, Apple, Solman and myself were all talking about WoW at the time and we were all playing WoW together at the time. When apple and I Explained this to Omar and asked him to join another channel because our conversation was on a constant flow of woW talk and Omar kept breaking into the chat. When we asked him to leave he got all angry and thats how the fight started. Omar you need to get a grip and stop acting like a child on Ventrilo...

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OK Omar, I am using this thread to reply to you as I am unable to do so in an admin complaint. First of all, what you described as a chat with TCP consisted mainly of you talking a load of crap, and then pestering us all to watch some moronic Youtube video. You went so far as to say "It is so funny. I swear, if you do not think it is funny I will kill myself". At no point did I tell Brood to kick you, because I was aware that he had no admin powers.


The four of us were having a conversation upon which you decided to impose yourself. Neither myself nor Brood like you, and you know it. You came into the channel looking for trouble.


As for my disrespecting Omar, my jokes weren't lame, merely crude to the point at which I was certain he would understand them.

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