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Ive changed my mind on the PS3 vs Xbox 360. LOL!

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That would be a close call. I had my 360 fall off a shelf and onto a wooden floor, yet it still functions perfectly to this day. That being said, the PS3 looks nigh-on indestructible. Don't know about the inner components though :bored:

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got an xbox360 around the time when halo3 came out and it fucked up within a week. got a new one and its been good to me up until recently when latley half the time it wont connect to xbox live. unfortunatley the two times ive brought it to best buy it connected and they wont relpace it if they dont see it broken.


sucks, half the time i just cant play my xbox and i cant get it replaced / fixed even though i bought a fucking warranty


i feel robbed

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