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Chick kills a bird with car and freaks the fuck out

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HAHAHA I saw that this morning.


I lol'd


I would have stepped on it quite honestly, if I was a bird laying in the road, flapping around with a snapped neck I would want to be stepped on.

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dramawhore me thinks. Its a fucking finch, they breed like rats, they are everywhere, and occasionally they run into cars. I once saw a fully grown buzzard in the everglades on tamiami trail that had been hit by an oncoming truck, when it was 8... we ran it over with impunity.


Women sure don't bitch when they get a nice chinchilla coat made of a little rodent's fur... they'll go batshit over a bird though.


I lol'd.

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Wow its a little bird no need to cry like your child just got killed right infront of you.




OMFG!! it Wasnt a Common Pigeon tht Shits on stuff...It was a....err....BIRD



Well Anywayz i was Upset When i watched it Flapp around with a Broken Neck and Gulping for Air Cus hes Shocked tht hes in Pain....(CHRIS CROCKER TIME) LEAVE THE BIRD ALONE.....LEAVE IT U SICK BASSTARDS...

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