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Any PTH Fans Out There?

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Protest The Hero fans, where are ya? These kids are going to be gigantic someday if they continue writing and playing music, notably the vocalist and the drummer.


For me it's odd that I mention vocals as that's usually the last of my concerns in terms of music. As long as it's predominantly sung and not screamed or growled, I'm happy(Slipknot is a huge exception to this, I can stand their vocals for some reason. They don't rape my ears). Rody Walker does all three, and he does all three very well.


For those who don't know, these guys are out of Canada. The day they finished writing their high school senior exams they went on tour, on tour in terms of being a band with no label that no one's ever really heard of. They wrote their first studio album, Kezia, while they were in their late teens. They wrote music that was at the time too difficult for them to play, forcing themselves to learn their parts.


Kezia went on to sell only 500 copies in it's first week(Canadian release only), 5,000 in the first month. A few months later the album was released in America. Their second studio album, Fortress, has a much tighter sound to it but it's not as emotionally charged as Kezia was.


I feel like this band is grossly under-appreciated. I remember dismissing them when I heard Heretics And Killers, one because of the musical style(this was before I got into more progressive stuff), and because the singer has a tendency to blend in with bland vocalists from today's popular teenage rock groups in terms of tone.


Ironically I gave them a second chance when they had a little mini-interview thing on Much Music and mentioned at the end that they were touring with DragonForce, which as far as I know was one of the first times DragonForce had ever been mentioned on North American television. To me, the guitars take some getting used to. They tap way too often.


Give them a listen.


From Kezia:

Heretics And Killers



Blindfolds Aside



Divine Suicide Of K(Rody's ideal image is in this video IMO, he looks like a train wreck now)



From Fortress:




Sequoia Throne



Bone Marrow(Their best song IMO)


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