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No Gunroom camping

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I'd say we should consider this as rule. Few times I see people just sit in the gun room and all they do is wait for prey.

CT's are to bring in order : T's are to bring in disorder.

Just take the advantage from going to places where T's might try run to when they're on a run and you just might bump in to one :001_tt2:

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If they run anywhere out the prison cell area I shoot them :thumbup:


I shoot prisons for, not listening to orders, going outside their "area", attacking, having a weapon on them or in their cell.


Anything else, ill just watch you and look evil. :sneaky2:

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some of the maps are fail for ct`s if they don't have person in weapon room soon the round starts t`s will run for weapon room from vents so i say no for this rule

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