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5,000th BAN!!

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5,000th ban is near and I think we should have a celebration!

I mean think about it? Not including the 5min bans and useless bans, the admins of our community have clicked !banmenu five thousand times!!!

So? What do u guys think?

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its the idiots fault taht do stupid moves to get the ban, admins just do it to make it better so if it goes to 10,000 i wouldnt be surprised lol

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For the 9000th ban can we ban Haggard for five minutes for mic spamming? :thumbup:


No it has to be a really deserving ban!


Someone has to hack and become super powerful so he is immune to zombies!!!!!:001_cool:


It should also contain a long saga or disagreement, they usually make for a funny read.

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