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What music do you listen to when playing ZM?

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List (only if you want :rolleyes:) your top favorite five or ten bands/artists/rappers. Oh and don't start saying "This band sucks" or "Oh look an emo." Go on Youtube for that, I just want to see what everybody is listening to, and what they feel goes well with ZM.


(BTW, on the youtube comment, I love youtube and am on there alot, so I just want to make it clear that I'm no youtube h8r, but it's true that alot of comments on songs are "oh this is emo" or "this band sucks; you must be gay if you listen to it")


My top ten:

1) Sabbath ('70-'78, Ozzy years)

2 or 3) Disturbed

2 or 3) AC/DC (Both Bon and Brian)

4) Sugar Hill Gang :cool:

5) Ozzy

6) Papa Roach

7) Zepplin

8) Hendrix

9) Twisted Sister

10) Kiss


Coincedentally, the top 3 are the top 3 in my all time favorite bands period. (lol out of like 50) I think they all add a little flare to ZM, some are good at different times but all go well with ZM if you had a mix.


Can't wait to see some others! :)

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In no particular order...




Blind Melon

Children Of Bodom

Black Sabbath [Ozzy years]

Deep Purple

The Doors

Jimi Hendrix


Alice In Chains


and many more...


p.s. Henda has no idea who The Doors, Deep Purple or Blind Melon are...what a noob

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above list i made is not true too.


I don't listen to music when playing the game too.


before I forget


AC~DC is the best to listen to when messing with code and fucking with people.




AC~DC brings out the fun.

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