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Dead Space

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Gameplay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ummdMWkukuc&feature=related



Release Date: October 21 2008


The game is for:






About: Dead Space takes place on a mining ship called the USG Ishimura. It traveled through space digging up pieces of planet in search of resources so they could make money. When they were digging from this one plane they found a strange artifact. The people who had dug it up went crazy and committed suicide. After all the planets they dug up it seems this one had something living underground.

You play as Isaac Clarke, and engineer, the only survivor on the mining ship. There is no one alive. You see nothing but blood and bodies. However, you hear strange noises.



The AI in the game is like something I have never seen before. In this Survival, shooter, horror game the enemies you face will stop at nothing to kill you. Shoot their head off they rush you blindly swinging everywhere. Shoot their legs off, they crawl with their claws. Shoot an arm off they grab you with their other and sink their teeth into your flesh.

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At first I was not sure if I was going to buy this, but After watching the game play I might have to pick this up in October.


But does it have MP?


We can only hope for MP. It would be a cool game to be cooperative on but I think it may just be a SP game.

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i'll buy it for the new gameplay

the thing that ruins game is when the ai can be glitched/ is faulty/ or just plain stupid

i do hope a demo is released


The AI looks fairly good. Surely nothing cam be perfect but the game will be very scary and requires using strategy on the enemies.

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