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For the past i think 3 days i have been talking to SpikedRocker about a video project of my own which will lead in to a collection of small to long films. So the projects name is "Meet the Mingebag" its a comical spoof of the tf2 video such as "Meet the Scout" and "Meet the Heavy" and others.

Right now were sort of around planning stage and i am going to be working on the script with in the next thew days when i have time on my holiday. Im so far looking for...


1. A person to play the mingebag. He is an annoying little fuck to put it straight. He likes to ruin other people enjoyment always shouting and flaming and 9 times out of 10 gets banned.


2. People who can help film in game. You MUST have garrys mod and TF2 or one the other as we are filming in both.


3. People to act as in game players and can make complicated contraptions in garrysmod for the mingebag to destroy. You also need to have TF2 and gmod plus a microphone.


4. Some one to play a guy we only know as the "Minge Hunter". His job is to hunt down and kill mingebags. The guy is always angry and like to curse alot. He shows little emotion and only has a sense of humor for his own jokes.



These are the roles that i need filled right now. In time i think there will be more roles.



So let me know if you want to take a shot i suppose i will hold Auditions of some sort in due time.

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