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Company of Heroes User Maps

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While I never noticed before, the new user made maps for CoH are incredible.

I will hopefully have completed building my new PC by this weekend, (parts are already coming in) and I was wondering if anybody wanted to get active again in the game with some new frills.

Here's the maps that I found the most interesting, especially for comp stomps.

Dday 3 axis COOP vs scripted allies AI



8 player maps:

Operation Husky


The Rhine



6 player maps:



Operation Baytown



4 player maps:





Infantry to the Orders




I also looked through the mods, but the majority of them are either buggy or seemingly pointless, and could prevent you from playing otherwise unless you delete them while playing with others online without the mod.

The only one that even looked slightly interesting was the allies vs allies, but where's the fun in that?

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Another thing, I've heard people have had problems with the files and directories with steam, as well as playign them online.

From what I heard to play most of the maps you need to OF patch, which I guess is necessary for online play anyways.

Any other suggestions or problems anyone can think of?

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I fail at making maps work.


On another note, Astrum appeared to be able to fix the damned problem with NAT, is there any chance we may get him in here to explain?


Also, how many people here HAVE COH or its exp?


We need to get the folks that play this on each other's friends lists.

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