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this is just me throwing an idea on this but me and garfield were thinking of trying to organize an SG olympics event . it would me minor tournaments single and team events with different zm categorys i came up with a fiew


1 gun game reverse 6 vs 6 tournament


2 zombie hell last man standing singles

play till everyone hass at least 1 death)

3 zombie hoard kill count (out of 10 rounds)


4 crackhouse dm 8 pl teams

(first team to get to 400 points.)(need a scrips for that)

5 crackhouse dm KD individuals highest kd after 25 min of playing

5.5 crackhouse kill count after 25 mins of gameplay

6 sliderace individuals

player with least deaths after 10 rounds {for slideface to death}


6.6 sliderace race! first person reach the end wins


7 sliderace teams

first team member to reach the end



8 napalm score individuals

highest overall score

9 napalm zombie kills medal


most zombies killd by an individual in 15 rounds

10 climb race singles

first person to reach the top



i was also thinking as a prize for all the champions they will get a coll sig that says SG OLYPIC CHAMPION!!!


i would definnitly need help from BDs and others that can help and if you have any other ideas for events tell me.

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wat happen to the napalm event,and the surf too,or wat is this for?...


o nevermind,i see the napalm event lol,i am so dumb,Havok,i give u the honors of u quoting me with a bitch or like that XD

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