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Jail Break DeathStar

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So, im not sure if anyone else has thought/made this idea already(If not, i can't believe im the only Star Wars nerd in css :bored:) but i was thinking about in Episode 4: A New Hope Princess Leia is captured and taken prisoner on the Death Star where she is then taken to a jail cell... That would be AWESOME for a jail break map... You could have the vent/duct thing that lead down to the trash compactor as an escape route, but there could also be a button that activated it and crushed any T trying to escape. You could add elevators, an 'unstable'(Boom goes the Death Star?) reactor core to it, and maybe even if your good with triggers add some flyable X-Wings and Tie Fighters that could go outside. I would try and attempt this myself, im fairly good with triggers and building things but am horrible at skinning/texturing, which would cause a problem since it wouldnt fit the Death Star design at all.



So, please, if any fellow Star Wars Nerd/CSS Fan/Map Maker out there has any good skinning/texturing talens, mind making this map?

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