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Contest- Sennheiser RARE HD480

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Greetings from Sennheiser USA!


In the spirit of Head-Fi, we'd like to offer a unique opportunity to win a pair of extremely rare Sennheiser headphones!


It is easy, fun, and it also gives the shutterbugs of Head-Fi a chance to stand up and be recognized.


What are you competing for? I have four BRAND NEW pairs of HD480-13-II headphones (600 ohms). These rare headphones are new in the box, and have not seen the light of day since they were shipped to us over 10 years ago. In fact, they are so rare that they were never officially released in the US, and our supply was limited to about 6 units intended to demo. We are keeping 2 units for our "museum", and would like to give away the remaining 4 pieces. They look like a regular HD480, but looks can be deceiving...behold- the ultimate test for your headphone amp!


How can you win a set? Its easy! Take out your camera and take a photograph of your Sennheiser headphones. We want to see your creative mind at work, however, so make it interesting...experiment with angles, colors, effects, themes, moods and lenses. Above all, be creative! Please see the rules/regulations towards the bottom of the page. We ONLY want to see Sennheiser phones here, and although we encourage you to take photos of your rig, make sure your Sennheiser's are the "focal point" if you will. It can be any Sennheiser headphone (portable, noise cancelling, audiophile, old, new, modded, stock, etc) and any camera-- just make sure its cool!


Post your pics here (keep the image size down) and the Head-Fi members will vote for the winner on August 1st.


Many years ago, we sold (a lot of) the HD480 headphones. It was popular for its smooth frequency response, durability and comfort. However, the HD480 we sold in the US had a low impedance of 60 ohms, not 600. They have since been discontinued, however, these NEW, UNUSED headphones make a great conversation piece and a great set of cans!


The HD480-13-II features a 600 ohm impedance rating, for which its intended purpose lies on scoring stages. They are open-aire and feature the following technical specs:


Freq Response: 18-22,000 Hz

Nominal Impedance: 600 ohms


SPL (@1k): 94dB

Weight: 135 grams (4.75 oz)

Cable: 3m, OFC, 1/4" termination


...paired with an amp with some serious horsepower, and you have a rig that allows you to hear what the pro's hear when in the heart of the orchestra during the filming of the latest summer blockbuster!


Photo regulations: We like edgy, artsy and cool, but we have to keep it clean and positive. No bashing of our name (or any other brand) and no offensive language. Keep text to a minimum...the title of your shot, and if you desire, the makeup of the shot (f-stop, software, camera make/model, headphone model, lenses, cables, film type, etc). You may use text creatively in the shot-- just don't spend 10 paragraphs explaining it. After all, less is more.


Be creative, have fun, share, make friends and keep on listening!


I entered myself, im MrKazador.

If you have any kind of Sennheiser headphones, POST!

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