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add auto balance to prison break

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i think you should add auto balance to prison break. i know it's not a map but a server, i don't know where else to post this. i am often playing prison break as a CT (jail guard) and am finding that i am outnumbered 3 to one. i am killed as soon as i spawn and am not having much fun playing when it's 20 terrorists vs. 4 counter terrorists. an auto balance would stop this problem and make the game a little bet more fair (but not too fair ;)

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The CT's are supposed to out numbered because of their superiority in weaponry. And the maximum limit for a T's on a team (For Messiah,Release,Electric) is 15 not 20. Anyways I do, agree that we need to fair it up a little.

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No one wants to play CT because of fear of being votebanned.


I play T's 95% of time, and not because of fear of voteban, but CT's are always so darn disorganized. T's are too but works better for them because once you get a guard down everyone else scrambles to join you. When CT's are not organized from the start, well EPIC FAIL!

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i LOVE playing ct, the problem is, 1 i dont have a mic, and 2, we get blamed for everything


never seen a t get votebanned haha


its almost like we're not there to be guards we're there to get in trouble

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