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A little paitence, even though it's frustrating.

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I've noticed some comments reguarding voteban, rather abusing it. I know as well as most how frustrating it can be to drop dead as a T when u are doing nothing wrong. Alot of peeps just start votebanning right away. What I do is if this happens then when next round starts I ask who killed me why, sometimes there is a legit reason for it. Sometimes mistaken ID because of same skins, or crossfire. Now if it happens a second time from same person, and I also watch moves he makes on others. And he just freekilling then voteban is on.:cool:

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i do voteban people who kill me for no reason but it is because i get angry. But you should give that guy 1 more chance to see if he free kills again then voteban.


For serial offenders who keep killing then you voteban them xD

aye getting killed for no reason is annoying

even if you have a gun in your pocket, they still have to warn you unless they say

"All t's found with a gun, hostel or not, will be shot dead"

then they HAVE warned you xD

I always end up votebanning alpha squad leader, he does my head in because he always shoots you then warns xD

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