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Where is old Zombie Murder?

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Old: Great maps,great players(many),no lag and this was UK server. Only 7 or 8 game server. (6% admins)



New: So many bad maps,bad players,lag(even europe server) and now we have 23 server(46% admins)





Where is all old maps?Where is UK server(run bitch run)?Why so many bad maps?Why so many lag???



Where is old zombie murder?

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Obama is a person if elected will put our country to shame with his 3 years exp. of being a lousy state senator.




but to the point.....Whenever I am on the servers there are like 2 or 3 admins on. I dont know if thats what you mean by having alot of admins but when you play in the community where there are racist, spamming, hacking ass holes, you need that many admins.


I have been with zombie murder since there was only 1 escape server and it was the original I think and I remember me and my friend having so much trouble getting in that one escape server. It took atleast a half an hour each time we tried to join.


I love this community and CSS would be gay without it

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I dont lag at all when play, not sure where you get that from.


Anyways, you dont seem to like the fact that ZM isnt a little community you can carry around in your back pocket anymore, its too big now, pretty stupid if you ask me. And besides,it hasnt even changed really, we just got more servers.

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Old: UK server(run bitch run) (33/33 players) and always full and no lag.Great maps.


New: We have europe servers.Few players and always lag.So many bad maps.(18/40)



Where is UK server run bitch run?Where?

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