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Micheal Phelps gets CoD5!!

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well i guess u guys all heard about Micheal Phelps got the first copy of CoD5



Well the news in http://www.kotaku.com that,the copy that CBS gave to Micheal Phelps was just a CardBoard Box


Yes ppl no game or like that,just the box,i guess thats how we treat our American gold medalist


As u read in here:http://kotaku.com/5043990/wait-michael-phelps-didnt-get-call-of-duty-early


He again got a Box not the game,just the box.


I guess we can put a mark on Micheal Phelps forthead that says



But when the game is out he can get a Free Copy out of it.


I guess us CoD fans and players that want CoD5 should get a mark in the forthead to that says,HalfOwned


I bet Phelps is crying like a baby,well at least he is gonna get a free copy,if he starts to bitch around that will make him a lil winning asshole.


O btw check out the Prince of Persia Movie Set,it looks really good:



and here is a treat for all of u :d

Enjoy :d

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I suppose he deserves it for hamming it up to the n'th degree in front of a camera at the Olympics, but wow that CBS thing was awkward to watch. I wouldn't be surprised if the lady butchered what she was told to say in front of the camera though, she likely has zero experience with video games. It's like when your parents try and reference the things you own to their friends when the subject of conversation comes up and fail miserably at it.

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I don't see much hype anyway. Not much of a swimming fan anyway even though he got so many gold medals. So I am sick of him being compared to being superhuman already. Besides CoD5 more than that swimmer.

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