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Think ill get this cause i had the first one and it was great i just wana say wtf? sep whats with all the new games coming out this month wouldnt it be more profitable at the start of summer and better for the buyers a hole companys making us get it in school,work etc


still this came out earlier in the USA i think but tommorow here hmm excuse me today



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I have it. It's great if you're not expecting GTA4 in quality. There are a few bugs and a few graphical oddities like super stretched textures due to bad terrain molding and flying grass. I saw grass today that was higher up than the ground, almost to my character's head.


My biggest problems are that guns are horrendously inaccurate, and it feels like you're farting around Venezuela without an aim. I mean yeah, you're out to kill one guy, but I'm apparently 33% done and so little actual story dialogue has gone by.


The sound in this game is fucking horrible. You hear the same lines over and over and over and over and over again. Your satellite friend constantly tells you shit about Venezuela like you haven't been there before, which is fine the first time, but I don't need to hear where the fork in the road leads out of your base every single time I load up my game and drive by it. Engine noises on vehicles loop when your putting the pedal to the medal and it drives me insane on some cars... some cars make a DONG! everytime you let go of the accelerator. This one time while fighting at an enemy outpost, the guys called for backup at least two dozen times, and there's only one backup line spoken per faction. The music isn't bad, but it's been done better by the likes of Freedom Fighters. The ambient tune that plays when nothing's going on is okay.

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Here's a fun glitch too, pre-mechanic a heli started flying circles around me, but the glitch was I couldn't switch guns which sucks since when I was trying to trade the sniper, it kept the Sniper on the back WITH the AA and left the AK in my hands and stuck me like that.


Was in the middle of a mission too, peeerfect time.

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