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Aerosmith Rocks

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Just got back at around 4 this morning from my vacation.

went to AEROSMITH concert it was awesome. best concert I ever been to.

me and my woman had the best time ever.


they sound so awesome live too.


a lot of people were smoking weed, we got high from the fumes and since its been years since i got high i was pretty stoned.


what a crazy weekend. spent over 1500 on i don't know what.

I recommend seeing aerosmith and if I had more cash to waste i'd go see them again at the next concert wherever it may be at.


one thing sucked and that was when i was about 2 hours away from home I remembered I forgot the tickets. I pulled over and contemplated smashing up the car into little pieces, after breathing for a little and relaxing I turned around and went back home to get them.


This was all happening at night and was already tired as hell from packing and getting shit organized before I left, like who was going to take care of my animals while I was gone and what were we gonna take. and all the shit we packed. I was fuming that night. anyways seeing aerosmith made my year.


I felt even better when I got to concert and found out someone else forgot their ticket too and they didn't remember until they got to concert.

they couldn't get in cause it was sold out.


35,000 people at the concert

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Wow lol that was hilarious! Forgetting your tickets rofl. Anyway, glad someone had a nice holiday... this summer in the UK is crap, it doesn't stop raining. There are still floods in areas where i live, now we have to conserve water :OOO

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My summer's been pretty lame. I've been taking night classes so I can get into a few more colleges, but I stopped that a few weeks ago, and now I have a really bad sore throat. Probably strep.


There are still floods in areas where i live, now we have to conserve water


That honestly doesn't make sense to me. There are excessive amounts of water.. So you have to conserve water..?

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