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First of all: Mock it and die.


Secondly: For all you Floridians or rich people, or preferably both, come down this December to Wayne's World of Paintball for our Grand Finale game. We're pulling almost all the stops on this one, and players will likely number over 1500, with atleast another 1000 attending.


List of upcoming games and other events:


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Man, I love playing paintball!! Haven't been out in long time though, could never make it to FL. But if I could I'd be there!! There's a field near me called Conder's Paintball, He holds some huge games there every 2 months, like 500-1000 every time, and Tippman brings their Hell Hound go-kart and artilery cannon. It's a blast...literaly!!

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That Area 51 RPG event and the Night of the Living Dead event look interesting. However, I am not in Florida, so no go for me. I haven't done paintball in a few years so I would probably just be getting shot the whole time by the "pros".


I did see a paintball tournament/league thing on the VS. channel. I was flipping through and saw a round of 1v1. Didn't know they had that on TV. They were some pretty extreme players.

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