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New Song - "Bad Habits" (Prod. Javi)

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Hey all so I recently created a new song with my producer called "Bad Habits". A few of you recommended that I post it here and let the community take a listen so here it is :)




So recently I have picked up on creating music with my producer frequently and almost every week we are in the studio creating some new pieces. Music and especially rap has been a big part of my life and I decided that if I were to keep up with it and start producing music and reached the public with it I may achieve this dream of mine. If you want to stay up to date with my new releases I have posted my Instagram profile on my soundcloud bio.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated since this is the first piece I have really put out there to the public and have started to advertise. My producer Javi (he is tagged on my Instagram post) has been with me throughout all of high school and he has been messing around with FL Studio for almost.... I think 1-2 years so if you want to give him a follow that would be appreciated too since he was the backbone of this new song.


I don't mean to exactly promote this on SG but if any of you were interested in my new song I just wanted to give somewhat of a background/a little bit about me here.


Thank you for all the support




(or herpz bitch)

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