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Hooray for good music!

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Oh hell why not, Metallica did ok on this songs cover


















What the hell happened to music? It seems as if all the good music has gone to hell because all we have now-a-days are the wannabe rockers and emo pussy bands singing about how much they miss their ex.....GET THE FUCK OVER IT!


There is of course tons of other bands I left out because of the fact this post is already massssssssssssive lol.


It's also not only "Hair Bands" that I like, but other bands as well. I like anything from Dio to Journey. It seems as if no matter how many times I try to listen to new music I always end up back where the music was good. I do however enjoy listening some newer underground/mainstream punk/ska bands lol eg....NoFx, Rancid, Authority Zero, Anti-Flag, and even some old school Zebrahead.


What's some of the bands you guys are listening to more recently?


End Note: Falcon you have an amazing taste in music so I'm eagerly anticipating your reply! :thumbup:


Repeat also has a good taste in music if I remember correctly :)

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Old school metal head :p


Man after my own heart :)


War Pigs :O id make sweet love to you if it wasnt sick and illegal :p






sorry about the last one its just such an amazing song and cover :p

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Recent stuff.









Older stuff.





Skip ahead for the song.



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