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Week 2 Football Picks

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Please pick one main battle and post that in bold. Then pick every other team two line spaces down as the rest of the teams. Scores will be tallied up and at the end of the season someone will win a sexay prize.


Example: (I don't know the match ups yet.)


Patriots win over Ravens


Bengals over Buccanears.

Colts over Bears.

Jets over Green Bay.


And so on. I'll keep up the score for the season and update it in every thread.




Raven you silly goose, these are just imaginary.

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New York Giants Win over Rams.


Chicago Wins over Carolina.

Cincinnati Wins over Tennessee.

Green Bay Wins over Detroit.

Jacksonville Wins over Buffalo.

Kansas Chiefs Win over Oakland.

Vikings Win over Indy.

San Francisco Win over Seattle.

Atlanta Wins over Tampa Bay.

Miami Wins over Arizona.

San Diego Wins over Denver.

Baltimore Wins over Houston.

New England Wins over Jets.

Pittsburgh Wins over Cleavland.

Dallas Wins over Philly.

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