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Recording with OBS/Shadowplay


Alright so it seems like many people don’t know how to record their player complaints or just clips in game, so I’m making a guide on how to


1. Record with OBS and Shadowplay.

2. Add high quality settings to your recordings, adjusted to your PC build.

3. Upload and submit videos for viewing.


You can also use this guide to record and upload stuff to YouTube outside of steam-gamers.

Recording your clips


There are two main recording programs that I use, OBS and Shadowplay. Preferably for low end pc's, you should download only Shadowplay as you don't have to pull up the recording beforehand, and it won't lag your computer as much. If you have something above a GTX 960 (or even a 660), I recommend downloading both OBS, and Shadowplay.

I won't go into detail on how you should download them, because it's pretty simple. Anyways, once you have OBS and/or Shadowplay downloaded, use what's below to configure your recordings to look good.



Look in the bottom right of OBS, you'll see Settings. Reminder this is for the highest quality of video, gets you way above 120 fps on CSGO with a GTX 1060. Recommended i5 (or higher) CPU, Windows 8+, and a decent hard drive since about 2 minutes and 45 seconds of footage is 1 GB at high settings.


You'll see 7 tabs on the left, firstly click General and Enable Dark Mode to save your eyes.


Next click Output, look at the top and where it says Output Mode, select advanced. Next, look under where you selected advanced, and there are 4 tabs. Click Recording, and go to Recording Format, and select mp4, the best format for plain recordings. Keep on going down to Encoder, and if you have a NVIDIA Graphics Card, select the one that goes something like NVIDIA NVENC H.264. Go down some more and look for Bitrate, and put that up to 40000. The higher this number is, the better looking your video will be. Upping this may lag your computer while recording if you don't have the greatest build. Next, in the same 4 tabs select audio, then for track 1, select an Audio Bitrate of 320. to get higher quality audio.


After that, go down to Audio on the tab on the left. Where it says Sample Rate, you'll need to adjust this to fit what your microphone is. To find out what rate your microphone is, go to the sound on your taskbar, right click, select sounds (on windows 10), at the top click the recording tab, right click your microphone, select properties, and in that window go to the tab at the very right where it says advanced. There will be a tab under there where it says your microphone sample rate and click the one that you have in the Sample Rate drop down menu. Next go to Desktop Audio Device and select your headphones. Scroll down two tabs, go to Mic/Auxiliary Audio Device, and select your microphone. Next, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you enable Push-to-Talk or Push-to-Mute as we don't want to hear what's in your background.


Next, go to Video where you can set your recordings to YouTube's native 1920x1080 resolution, 60 fps. If you have a different aspect resolution, don't change it.


After that, go to Hotkeys where I recommend setting binds to Start Recording, Stop Recording, and your Push-to-Talk bind.


Next, go to Advanced. At the first tab, select the drop-down menu and select Above Normal. Reminder OBS is for pc's that can handle recordings, about GTX 960 and above. If you really want to stretch it GTX 660. After that go down until you find YUV Color Spacing, and select 709. To the very right of that menu there is another tab called YUV Color Range, and in that menu select full.




After all your settings are selected, click apply, and now you need to adjust your recording input tabs.


Go back to the menu that showed up when you opened OBS in the first place. I recommend lowering your microphone in the Mixer tab, as we don't want to be ear raped.


Next, if you don't see a black box in the middle, right click and select Enable Preview.


After that go to the left and select Sources, where from there you have two options. Click the plus sign to add a recording. You can now either choose to be lazy and select Display Capture, click OK, then deselect Capture Cursor. The other choice is to only get your CSGO. Go back to the plus sign, then click Game Capture. Rename this to CSGO, then click OK. You can either leave the first tab selected as its default, or click Capture Specific Window, then csgo.exe. Scroll down after that and deselect Capture Cursor. Then click OK. Once you have created either one of those Sources to capture your game, make sure the eyeball next to them is open, as it will use that Source to record. If both Display Capture and CSGO are selected, it will record your display.


That's the settings you need to effectively record with OBS. Now you can't clip stuff like how you can in Shadowplay, OBS is for extended recording. If you weren't recording when something happened, then you can't get that footage back. All your recordings will end up in your Videos folder on This PC.



I am just going to quickly link this tutorial made by All T's which is still pretty good, it's just a bit outdated.


Once Shadowplay is downloaded, open CSGO, press ALT+Z, and you should see a menu looking something like this




Next, click settings. Select Keyboard Shortcuts and set your Push-to-Talk button. You should also make a "Save the last 5 minutes recorded" bind that isn't easily clicked and is easy to remember. Doing this will do exactly what Shadowplay does, save your last 5 minutes.


Next, click Audio, and adjust the system sounds, microphone volume, etc.


Lastly go to Video Capture. This is the Shadowplay part. When adjusting Video Capture settings, you need to turn off Video Capture to adjust the settings in the first place, so yeah. Adjust the length of your Shadowplay to as much as you want or as little as you want. Just make sure your Bitrate is at 50 Mbps (50 megabits per second), 1080p and 60 fps.


Uploading and submitting videos


I'm just going to go with the obvious, you log into YouTube, click the icon that is the camera with a plus sign on it, and upload a video (or just click here). Rename the video and choose any thumbnail you want, as long as CA's can see the player complaint or Media Team can get your clip.


You can submit YouTube videos for player complaints here, and submit YouTube videos for clip of the month or just to the YouTube channel in general here.

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Just to add to this, Screen recording is actually really easy. Just press your windows key and G and it will bring up an overlay. One of the different task-bars is a completely free screen recorder which can record gameplay on anything along with audio. You can press ALT+Windows Key+R to record and ALT+Windows Key+G to record the past 30 seconds if you missed a freekill or rdm. Then, just go to the file and upload it to youtube.


This video shows a simple guide to using this.

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