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Death Magnetic

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Has anyone else heard this album? I have only heard The Day That Never Comes, and I actually enjoy the song. It could have been alot worse, like St. Anger. Rolling Stone gave it something like 4/5, but then again Rolling Stone lost credibility awhile ago.

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It's not really fair for me to even respond to this. I've pretty much decided that I was going to dislike the album since it was announced, simply because almost everything Metallica has released is incredibly uninteresting to me. I don't know what it is, maybe it's the song writing, but I can't stand most of their songs. I actually own Ride The Lightning, and the only thing that was bearable on that album was For Whom The Bell Tolls.


I like bits and pieces, but never enough to actually warrant an album purchase or to say that I like the band. I like No Remorse(and really that's due to Doom to be honest), The Four Horsemen(Dave Mustaine had a hand in writing it so that's not really fair either, in fairness though I like The Four Horsemen more than I like The Mechanix), Battery, and Turn The Page(and that was a cover).


As for the album, it's definitely better than St. Anger and probably better than the last 10-15 years worth of album releases. I've listened to 30 second clips of each of the songs. Y'know maybe I don't like them because they sound like they have zero energy in the studio for most of their songs. For me, they have nowhere near the same feeling and emotion in their music as other bands in the same genre or similar genres do.

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I listened also to the day that never comes, and honestly, while I was listening to it, the thought of metallica's first 4 albums made me not like it.


I look back at the old stuff and think... *sigh* they lost their touch a long time ago.

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As a die hard Metallica fan, I made sure to order the 130 some dollar collection for the new album.


This thing rocks! They've gone back to the sound between ...And Justice For All and The Black Album. Everything is heavier, thrashier, and just better than Load, Reload, and St. Anger.


But, people need to get it in there head that they're never going to sounds like they did on the first three albums. These guys are nearing 50 for fuck sake, and the fact that they even decided to continue making new albums is awesome.


By the way, a leaked version of the album was released last week, and it's much better than just TDTNC(which is a ballad, so don't expect the whole album to be the same). Songs like End of the Line, All Nightmare Long, and The Judas Kiss are the best songs they've done in years.


If you don't want to buy the album, at least look it up on youtube, they've got all the songs already.

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