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Add ice climb.

Add snowball target game.

Add toggleable teleporters from cell block to surf and ski.

Add a few snowball mounds outside.

Add a snowball-related secret.

Add a secret with a sprite trail.



Make climb damage buttons affect race fall damage as well.

Fix infinite ammo deagle which Valve kindly broke in the DZ update.

Add teleporter under spiral stairs to free people who get trapped when spawning in late.

Convert start, stop and reset signs to models to improve performance.

Fix recall in ski to teleport players in entrance and in the pit.

Change lighting to HDR. This should help with client crashes when changing to and from this map.

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@Manny and I felt that while this version of jb_avalanche does not stray far from the b7 version, it would be worth putting on our server as a replacement for the already existing version. This new version adds a few activities for CTs to order Ts to partake in as well as brings a couple overall improvements in terms of game play and performance.



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