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Christinho's Little Daily Playlist :)

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I kinda of did this a while ago with the basis just being a bunch of rap songs daily, that I failed at miserably because of how unactive I became. I kind of really just wanna give people new stuff they haven't heard before, with a little why I love the song. All genres this time around, and it's weekly and not daily. And I try to keep everything new, and most likely something you haven't heard. I got a feeling people might not like the idea of this because they think I'm using this just for posts, I promise you idgaf about my post count. I just really love feedback, so if you guys want to share an opinion below, feel free to.



I've been listening to a lot of indie recently. You'll love Connan if you love soft indie, I guarantee it.

Title Fight's also become my favorite band over the last year and a half I've been gone. They make such a wide variety of music, especially their shoegaze album. I can't explain how much I love their music. Only band right now whose music I can't really get sick of. Enjoy. :)


I found these guys off an Instagram advertisement, which I usually skip. They caught me so fast though. The aesthetic of the music video is just so pleasing to the eyes. They have such an amazing sound. It's soft grunge mixed with emo, idek man. It is just great. They're super new too. They only have around 4 songs out on all platforms. Even their Bandcamp has 4 songs only. Be expecting way more from them if you keep up with them in the future. Lyrics to this song are in the description, makes me think of better times.

If you prefer a hard industrial rap/punk sound, Ho99o9 is an amazing band for you. They sound extremely Death Grips if thats what you're into. I caught onto them because of another rapper I listen to RELIGIOUSLY, put them on a story of his, I caught on real fast. Also if you love Slipknot, try and catch the sample from them in a song of theirs.'

Since I've been gone, Zilla and City Morgue in general have become my favorite music artists/group to listen to. It's Hip Hop with Punk and Metal influence. (It's basically Nu Metal, but no one seems to want to call it that. if you dont believe that, really look into them) That's all I could ask for, and then to pull it off the way City Morgue does, I can't explain how happy it makes me. They're a very very controversial band, not afraid to say shit for shock value, or show shit in their music videos to show the reality of life. This one of Zilla's newer songs, but his and the groups older stuff is just as amazing if not better. Give their stuff a listen if you like the sound. :)


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