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Splitgate: Arena Warfare

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"Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a multiplayer first-person-shooter that uses player-controlled portals to create a new dimension of arena combat."

The game is basically Halo with portals.

Built on the unreal engine (4 I think), the game builds upon pre-existing mechanics of popular arena shooters such as Unreal Tournament and Quake while maintaining the feel of a modern shooter.

While it's still in its bare bones at the moment, there's essentially no sacrifice for us as it's free and backed by a fully committed development team.

In a market that's over saturated with Battle Royale(s) and blatant money-grabs, Splitgate seems to be a game that deserves both attention and at least a single play through (hey, it's free!).


While the devs wanted to release on May 22nd, they decided to push back the release to Friday to offer the highest quality Day 1 launch they can, a decision that even highly experienced, veteran studios cannot make.

Go wish-list the game on Steam and show your interest/support!




Click here for the Steam page!

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