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Help with sports nutrition

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Hey everyone so I just started doing gym for the past 2 mounth, though i have some questions.

Is there anyone here who goes to the gym? It would be nice to chat about it.

Ok so im 105kg and im 180cm and 24 years old.

I just finished losing 15kg and i have skin left over on my stomich inside my thighs and under my arms . Should i keep toning up and gaining muscle? will this skin tone up after time? im currently following my friends gym routine which he has been on for 7 months and has gotten amazing resaults. he is helping me alot with workouts showing me how to do them all properly etc...

next question is when should i start taking protein shakes?

and also what are some good pre workout foods and after workout foods for me ?

thankyou and sorry if this might not make sense im very new 2 all this.

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