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Hello, I've used these servers for a long time now but I never really registered online or entered the steam group. That being said, I'm not sure if this is supposed to be asked here or not but here goes, I originally began surfing with the account Soulk, it was a friend of mines alt that he passed to me so that I could play Comp on my own and keep my rank on my main so I could play with him. That being said for the most part I was usually on Soulk so I began surfing with Soulk and got a rather high rank and some good times on that account. Some old members might remember me, one of which is sharpshooter. Anyways, after some time I took a few breaks, after my latest break I just didn't bother using Soulk anymore, I can still login but I'd prefer just using my regular account now. The main account I use now is my main steam account, Chi ????_???, I asked sharpshooter and he told me this might be something Gator might be able to do but I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to DM/Email him directly or go through here so I just used the forums instead. I was wondering if there was any way to merge my two accounts runs to my main which I use now. I can get on both and prove they were both used by me if needed. I can also contact my friend if needed to verify that, yes, it was me that would surf on that server.

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