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Should age restriction be removed?  

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  1. 1. Should age restriction be removed?

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I Totaly disagree with the fact that admins have to be at least 16 years of age, i dont know why this is, probaly to get rid of the 9 year old kids that have little irritating voices that spam the mic going like: I AM THE ADMIN ALL FUCKING LISTEN TO ME, but still it sounds to me like they meen only people over 16 years of age are COMPLETLY normal..... THEY'RE NOT , well most of them are >.> Anyway my point is: i think you shouldn't be judged by age , just by how you act in the servers and the way they play and etc.


[EDIT!!!!] I'm Not Posting This Because I ''just want to be admin'' so dont tell me to stfu because i ''just wanna be an admin''


Thnq :d




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The age agreement limits legal liability due to incapacity to actually form the contract that is inherently formed by using paypal to pay for admin... there,a real reason why it should remain 16 and/or up.


The voices are also annoying, but that is besides the point, because there are so many goddamn micspammers in Prison break and escape II US at 8 PM that it borders the noise produced in a chinese nail salon.

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There are a few admins under 16. If you really want to become an admin...

Prove yourself before you apply.


-Get on Vent.. Talk and get to know the admin/regs

-Don't spam the forum, but reply when you have something to add/say that will help the topic.

-Try to join servers with other admins/regs playing so that they can get to know how you act in-game.

-Act mature at all times


If you do these things for a few months than it will be noticed and appreciated when it comes time to apply for admin. If you don't do these things or get to anxious and apply before the community get's to know you chances are you won't get approved.


Just my 2 cents

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In my opinion, this isn't a strict rule.


It is a guideline because we want people who are responsible to be admins, because they are are example to others and they have to uphold the rules, and to do that they must themselves abide by the rules.


Also they need to be helpful generally, and so unless you prove yourself mature like TCP and Havok you won't get accepted. But to be honest, everyone has to prove themself. If you want to be admin people need to know you and so it is really not that you must be over 16, it is that you must be as mature as someone over 16, which is completely possible. That said however, some people over 16 are not mature enough either, so its really just a loose guideline.

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