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Rapidshare or torrents?

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Which do you think is best and safest way to download stuff like, movies, music and apps?


for me

rapidshare + premium account = ftw


for me the download speed is faster than downloading torrents



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$40 for 3 months its kinda expensive :):blink:


look at it this way, no queue's for downloading, boost my download speed by about 600% & everyone's seeding.


I dont have to pay, but it's a strict download/seed ratio site, with my upload speed it makes it pretty impossible to do that, so i just pay and dont bother to seed.


btw i have 4 invites to the site as I'm a VIP user if anyone wants one..

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I use rapidshare when whatever I want is small so there aren't 5 bajillion links, otherwise i'll use a torrent, and I could use an invite if its a good site, I keep trying to get into demonoid but the registrations never seem to be open.

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i use rapidshare if im linked to something i like, but its torrents ftw for me. Personally its not the decision on me downloading faster, i max my bandwith on either.


and Daze, can i have an invite please :d? ill pm you my email address.


serl, pm me and ill see if i cant get you an invite to demonoid.

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I think its against the forum rules to talk about this stuff.


Yea, i remember the rules



Discussion of illegal activities such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed.

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