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Music Thread

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Figured having a thread like this would be nice. Talk about anything music here. Concerts/tours, suggest bands, ask for similar bands/music, etc... I'll start :)


Some bands I recommend are:

Killswitch Engage (Metal)



All That Remains (Heavy Metal)



Hour Cast (Rock)

http://www.myspace.com/hourcast and



Senses Fail (Rock/Screamo)



Need help finding:

Basically looking for some techno-ish club/dance music. (Actually I heard some decent stuff while playing Napalm, before that whole No-Music-Spamming argument errupted.) Anyways, 2 examples of songs I've heard/like are... "Dota" by Basshunter and "One (always hardcore)" by Scooter. Can anyone recommend something like those 2 that you think I might like?


Warped Tour:

Anybody else go? I must say it was quite awesome... got to see Killswitch Engage live (and right up front :d), plus several other decent bands.


That's it from me :) your turn.

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"Through The Fire and Flames" by Dragon Force



Guitars playing very fast... (guitar solo at 3:20) :cool: If you've never heard this... you need to. Awesome song.


"All These Things I Hate" by Bullet For My Valentine



Another metal band I've recently been listening to, pretty good imo.


"Denied" by Sonic Syndicate


Just randomly looking for music and came across this band/video. If you like bands like Atreyu, I'm sure you'll like this video (but if you hate screaming music, you wont).

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Killswitch Engage rocks hardcore, this music video by them is hilarious

It's a remake of the 80's classic by Dio, Holy diver



I also listen to...


-Static-x (favorite)




Don't bother watching tool music videos, they ruin the songs by being so damn weird


-Avenged Sevenfold







-Three Days Grace



(yes Silent, I copied your idea)

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