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Warning: Do not be an idiot and give out steam pw.

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When i saw my admin was approved, someone named spikedrocker added me and we started to have a convo, in dutch, i assumed Spiked was dutch, then he asked for my steam name password and email, i gave it to him as i assumed i was talking to spiked, luclky, i asked spartan about spiked, he said spiked was Away and could not be online, i immediatly changed my contact email and password, but just to tell you: here is his steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198001076516



it scared the hell out of me when i realised


some fake daze added me and started about paypal passwords and stuff, i knew he was fake, i didnt gave him any info, heres his page http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002181640

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Just been getting told by Whysopro that Spiked had asked him for his steam password in case he messes up. He asked me whether Spiked did the same thing for me to which i strongly said no and to never give his password to anyone. I checked the steam page he sent me and its got to be a fake admin cause he was online and away at the time whysopro said he went offline. Another admin that was fake was Daze.



Never tell your password to anyone.

[sG] daZe: Hello,

[๖ۣۜW]hysopro: hi

[sG] daZe: I just got sended to you. Because you are in an ADMIN Confirmation.

[sG] daZe: is this right ?

[๖ۣۜW]hysopro: yes

[sG] daZe: Alright.

[sG] daZe: Im only the man Behind the Paypal SCENES.

[sG] daZe: And we're very secured as you know i think.

[๖ۣۜW]hysopro: yeah i know

[sG] daZe: So i have to receive some information about your Paypal details. to save behind our scenes, i'm not avaible to do some with your paypal or i lose my job, and im not real intrested in that.

[sG] daZe: so if you can agree that, you are done with the confirmation part. and all you have to do is wait for the Payment to accept. and you are avaible to be a ADMIN.

[๖ۣۜW]hysopro: ok

[sG] daZe: If you dont feel good by telling you info to me. its ok, i can understand that. but that would just be one thing. that we cant trust you then. but i hope you are ok with everything, right..

[๖ۣۜW]hysopro: Well, i chekked out your steampage and it didnt had any info about you, i happen to know the page of the real Daze

[๖ۣۜW]hysopro: so wtf are you trying to do

[sG] daZe: Yes this is the STEAM Account where i contact the Confirmation people,

[sG] daZe: And My other steam ID. is for friends.

[sG] daZe: so i dont feel ok, by mixing my friends with ADMINS.

[sG] daZe: as you can see.

[๖ۣۜW]hysopro: .. sure

[sG] daZe: With sure you mean '' what ever you want '' or you mean with sure '' oh ok '' ?

[๖ۣۜW]hysopro: with sure i mean i know wtf you are trying to do, now bb

[sG] daZe is now Offline.


Dunno if this was the real Daze and i sure hope not lol. Couldnt get what spiked told him but im warning any newer admins and everyone basically to be careful

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Daze you added the fake spiked? and so did garfield =0 anyway pro dont give your pass out to even Haggard on steam hes been hacked before and spiked wasn't hacked just duped, still don't give it out over steam use vent as its probly the best thing. although no one would need your password

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