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Closing TS

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Hello everyone,


As you can see by the title, we're officially closing TeamSpeak. This discussion came up a couple of months ago and we asked for the community's input on the topic. To everyone who commented on it, we truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts. While we recognize there was quite a bit of retaliation against the idea, we, the Board, think it's in the community's best interest moving forward that we move everyone over to Discord. We believe the benefits of the move will far outweigh the difficulty of seeing it go.


Since the discussion first came up, we've been working tirelessly to better the server as a whole. We've made major strides and we think the server both looks and functions much better than it did previously. However, we also recognize that there's lots to be done. We have many plans of our own, but we're also hoping that this will prompt you all to come forward with suggestions to help us out further. Over the next few weeks I have no doubt that many questions, suggestions and comments will be rolling in about the server. Myself and others will be working hard to tend to all of these.


Once again, we appreciate you all for chiming in when we asked for your opinions. Now, we're looking for you to share your opinions on the server and give us feedback. We've created a Discord section similar to what all of the other servers have. As you can see if you click here, there is already a bug reporting thread. You can use this section to post any suggestions you have, big or small.


Thanks guys.

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