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  1. maybe one day I'll understand why people commit so much time to a community for years and then just take a steaming hot load all over it in just a few days or even hours.

  2. maybe one day I'll understand why people commit so much time to a community for years and then just take a steaming hot load all over it in just a few days or even hours.

  3. These arguments are pretty ridiculous. You want to help kids learn for the real world by willfully ignoring the fact that there's a much better way to go about this? Saying some people may want auto-renewal does not make the fact that a bunch of people are sending money here constantly when they probably don't mean to any better. I can't imagine there's a single person who gives a shit if it's auto-renewal or not, except for the people getting screwed over by forgetting about their donations.
  4. Very easy to use this as a justification while completely neglecting the fact that this is exactly what kids (who are probably the majority of the people donating) don't do.
  5. You're right actually, completely forgot. So just remove the auto-renewal option. Though, the one time donation thing could probably be changed from "how much do you want to donate" to "how many months do you want to donate for", just for the sake of simplicity.
  6. I probably should've elaborated. Change it so people are paying for 3 or 6 months at a time and give them the ability to overlap packages (so if someone wants to send money for the next 2 years, they buy 4 of the 6 month packages) or just allow them to pick how many months they want to donate for as opposed to just renewing it every month forever. You now have kids paying for the equivalent of a Netflix subscription with their parent's money and oftentimes it's up to them to remember to cancel it. Evidently, they tend not to. I don't see any justifiable reason to leave it the way it is besides the undeniable fact that there's definitely some extra funds flooding in due to this. Morals vs. a little extra cash is what it comes down to I suppose.
  7. Consider disabling auto-renewal for donations. If you look down the list of recurring supporters, I think anyone can easily spot out a good amount of people who probably aren't intentionally sending money every month. Some haven't played in ages, some left on bad terms, other times there's banned people who still have their donations being sent. I do recognize there's people (Ngo for instance, most likely) who want to send money consistently, but a bunch of other people are getting screwed over in the long run.
  8. Dominic


    It was a pleasure to manage a server with you, game with you and just chat with you. The same can't be said for many, so thanks for that. I wish you the absolute best of luck moving forward and I'm sure we'll catch up sometime. Fuck you and your Marshall.
  9. Haha guys.. funny joke.. you can promote Kieran now.. ..guys?
  10. Happy Birthday

  11. happy birthday dad

  12. Headass! Keep in touch brotha

  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. I don't think anyone was purposely trying to hide the fact that sexual remarks were thrown, but if you actually wanted to crack down on that you'd punish the people making the remarks, not the person playing a game. (the gameplay was described as the issue) I can pull sexual remarks out of my ass about anything and everything someone does while live. I'd also find it a bit weird that the breaking point is sexual remarks about a female when the most insanely terrible jokes are thrown out in these channels on the daily, with no interjection from higher-ups. God forbid I launch ARK while live on Discord, because you'll be prompted with a female in her underwear while trying to create your character.
  15. Assuming we'll be continuing to use Discord as opposed to TS, I'd like some clarification on some things. Even if we do switch back to TS, probably best to get these things out of the way. Can we maybe just get a little hint of how far "No sexual content" really goes? I was live, playing "Princess Designer" on a website I used in the first grade during computer class and apparently an IA was called, then requested the channel to be locked because it's (paraphrasing here) "sexual content". My profile picture on our forums has been Sommer Ray with her entire ass pointed towards the camera multiple times, with zero (maybe one, actually) complaints over many, many months. I can think of multiple examples beyond that which are much worse than a kid's game. If you want to crack down that far then fine, but after many people in the channel disputed it, nothing was clarified. It'd also be great to understand why images were disabled in #general and what the ruling on posting stuff in there is. Despite restricting the ability to easily post images, it's not impossible to just post a link to an image instead, so it didn't actually fix anything beyond maybe reducing clutter. There's no real concrete rule on posting images in there and what sort of images are allowed and oftentimes posting a random meme would actually fire up the chat. I think there was some drama surrounding it or something, but it was just disabled with no notice. It seems odd that disabling images altogether was the chosen route as opposed to simply adding a sentence somewhere about randomly posting images. Is there any change to the racism rule on Discord? The rule is still cut and dry and states "No racism", so when I was told it's allowed in voice channels I was pretty confused. I think I heard it was posted in a thread somewhere, so if that is the case it'd be convenient to have it clarified on the rules list. If you don't want to respond to all of this, please at least just tell me I can play Princess Designer with my boys in peace. If not Princess Designer, please give me the go ahead to play Princess Spell Factory instead.