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  1. Sup guys, I'm gonna make this thread to reintroduce myself to those who don't know me at all so you don't think some random ass dude has been added to the server's management team. Also going to address some things about Jailbreak and discuss some things about the future of it, all from a personal perspective as I'm not speaking for my co-manager or any other Jailbreak staff. I've been playing SG Jailbreak since September of 2015 and with each stint added up, I've overseen the server's management for probably a few years. I managed the server in its prime alongside @All Tswhen we had the server at around rank #50 on Gametracker. With him and a few others, we transformed the server heavily with some of its longest standing plugins like, for instance, the first order plugin. At that time there was a lot more being done to assure transparency and player satisfaction - public to-do lists, feedback threads, community meetings, etc. - I'd like to see that all return. Obviously, Jailbreak is not currently in a good spot. I took this role because I don't like seeing Jailbreak given up on so easily. Say what you will about the nature of the population it garners, its always been one of the more consistent and valuable communities within SG. It's been one of the "big 3" at SG for years and as SG currently stands, it probably has the most hope of survival / revival. For those that want to help that happen, any and all help will be very appreciated, but I'm not gonna stand for settling for anything less than bringing the server back to life completely. The fact of the matter is that there is a still a large population on CS:GO that plays Jailbreak, large enough to warrant trying to bring the server back to life. And the other fact of the matter is that the server hasn't changed much in years, and that's where the problem lies. For instance, the new prisoner buy menu is a great addition to change up gameplay and keep things fresh - I think it needs major work, but it's a start and an example. We have not done everything we can to revive this server. The reality is that I don't have the time or drive that I used to. Honestly, I offered my help as a manager back in May and I would've hoped to have gotten it around that time so that I'd have a bunch of time to get things rolling, but that's just not how it played out. School starts back up soon and in all honesty, even in my free time, I will not be prioritizing this place. However, I told Caution I'd find the time to fix Jailbreak, and I think for the most part all it really needs is for me to give direction to the people that are passionate about it. If it ends up needing more than that, I'll give it more than that. I do still have some time before school kicks off, and I sat on the server by myself for like an hour the other day and came up with a very large laundry list of shit that I think needs to happen. The first thing on that list is definitely a Jailbreak staff meeting followed by a Jailbreak community meeting.. I think everyone needs to get on the same page about the direction we're taking the server and I think players need to be given an outlet to speak on it themselves. Assuming that will happen, until we get that planned out I've already began throwing some ideas at the Jailbreak staff for input. I could continue on with this but I don't want this thread to become more hard to digest than it already is. Thanks to everyone who has managed Jailbreak up to this point and everyone who has been trying to help it. Long story short.. lots of change needs to happen ASAP. If you want to talk about anything regarding Jailbreak (or anything else, I don't really care), best place to reach me is on Discord @ Dominic#4841 - I'm probably not gonna add anyone on Steam. Thanks.
  2. Make me server manager I'll have this shit bangin' in 3 days.
  3. Well, yes, I was defensive about this. You don't need to be a detective to figure that one out. I didn't say you mentioned my past, but I brought it up. Obviously you're referring to me in today's world, and I'm telling you that in today's world I've already done years of contributing to the server and I don't need to be called upon to do anything more than make an opinion post at this point. I wasn't reaching at all, you made a snarky remark about contributions when in reality my posts here are more of a contribution than most people are making nowadays, wouldn't you say? Perhaps it will inspire someone to do something, spark an idea in someone's mind, something? Please tell me what more I need to do for it to not seem like a complaint and more like a contribution? The shit you said just made no sense. I'm not gonna respond to anything else because I think we'll go in circles but we can argue all day about what was done right and what went wrong, nothing is gonna change if there's no one who wants things to change. Seeding isn't enough. All I hear is that word nonstop. Someone, especially someone with the title of server manager, needs to do a lot more than seed the server. Sorry but that's the reality. There's that word: reality. The reality is that Jailbreak needs more effort than just trying to get people to play it and love it. You're beating a dead horse. More power to the people who are seeding the server though, I'm not saying it's not worth it or that you're doing nothing. But something more needs to happen if anyone truly wants to see the server back on its feet.
  4. I don't know how you can call it delusion for thinking the bare minimum that can be done is a couple monthly events and that they'd do something at least. Obviously things aren't the same as when I was here, I understand what time does. But you're telling me you just don't run events because people didn't show up? So create an incentive for showing up to the event, mix two events together to form something more creative, ask the community what type of event they'd want maybe? It just seems like you're saying you did everything by the book and it didn't work out so now the server is helpless. I understand what it's like running a dead server, I understand what it does to someone's motivation, but I'm also openminded enough to have always looked through a different lens and not called whatever server it was a lost cause. You seem a little defensive on the issue because you managed the server at some point and it didn't go how you wanted it to. I managed the server too, in its prime and at a time where it wasn't doing well. In any case I recognized that the only way to move it forward was to put energy into it. I will continue making comments about the server, I don't see how you wouldn't view that as a contribution in and of itself. Just because I don't have the energy to get on the server anymore and write paragraphs upon paragraphs of suggestions like I used to doesn't mean I don't give a shit. Don't ever quote me and make a sly remark about not wanting to contribute to Jailbreak ever again. I did my time building that server, years of it. I think I have every right to waltz my way into this section and say my piece about not enough being done to save it.
  5. Did this guy really just tell him to come up with ideas and take initiative? Bro.. taking initiative is the server manager's job. This thread is more than enough initiative for a regular player. And I gave you two extremely beneficial, bare minimum ideas.. monthly T and CT rank events. And if you don't think those will do anything you're delusional and don't understand the population of Jailbreak. I don't have the time or energy to get on the server, think of ideas, make suggestions, but I don't need to have played the server recently to see no one's doing anything with it. There hasn't been a Jailbreak event in months. Seriously think for a second. You don't think if you got an event going every week and a bunch of people came on that it would somehow create a trend, people staying on after the event is over, people wanting to jumpstart the population the next day because they had so much fun? If you think Jailbreak is done because of regulars and staff being gone, cool. But I said it once and I'll say it until someone bans me for being mean about it: this server could do well if someone fucking tried. There's been two events for Jailbreak since the start of the year, and it looks like they're both just Jailbreak, but specific maps? There's been two changelogs since the start of the year, one was pretty cool. There's been one sort of decent attempt from staff to reach out to the community and see what they like / dislike. This is the sort of activity that's justifiable when the server is thriving and you don't really need to touch it. If the people running the show don't give a shit about Jailbreak enough, they think it's dead or hopeless or whatever, promote someone else. There's always gonna be someone that wants the job. Do you know how easy it is to run something like Protect the President, an event literally everyone used to go crazy for? BoTo literally created a plugin for it, it's simple as shit. You have an entire Events Team, you have a couple admins that give a shit about the server, they just need someone above them that can direct them properly. Admins vs. Members people used to love, Juggernaut was always a hit. And yes, the population that you garner during these events matters immensely in a time like this. If the server is always empty, no homeless Jailbreak player or interested wanderer from eGO is gonna join. But if the server is popping off on a Friday night and maybe even a Saturday night every weekend and they join in and like it, that's one more person you have under your belt. I don't know what else I need to say to convince you "glass half empty" motherfuckers that the server isn't as hopeless as you think, but I've said enough. Promote one of these Jailbreak kiddos to server manager, what do you have to lose? Lmfao.
  6. What a sad set of responses. Someone, somehow, convinced a group of Steam-Gamers pessimists that North American CS:GO community servers have been wiped out. Could the decline of these servers possibly just be a temporary phase? Couldn't this be seen as an opportunity to sweep up the remaining population that enjoyed these servers? Edge Gamers has a Jailbreak server at #9, which surely means there's still a Jailbreak loving population that would play our server if it was actually good, right? They'll find a way around each and every question you possibly pose to them and convince them that Jailbreak is dead and it will remain that way... because they tried to seed it! Or... it actually needs some fucking changes? Did you guys know that the T ranks system, the most popular plugin in Jailbreak history, was added back to the server recently? I wouldn't really blame you if you didn't, because it was introduced with a two-liner in a poorly structured thread a month or so back, then introduced again with a one-liner in a changelog a couple weeks after that. Yes, T Ranks was reintroduced with not even it's own thread. Do you know how fruitful a plugin like that is? There should've been a gigantic announcement post hyping up it's release, a big ol' banner, and a huge fucking event with some incentives to go along with it. I played the server a few times since my unban, though I really don't have the patience to wait around for people to join. But CT ranks are still a thing! I wonder if we still run consistent events with that plugin too? Protect the President is a great event, Admins vs Members is always fun, do any of these get used anymore? If you guys were pounding the shit out of this server with effort; events, plugin improvements, so on and so forth, fuck even a community meeting at least.. then I'd say you can be pessimists all you want. But take your "seeding" and shove it up your ass. Do you know how much the little kids that play Jailbreak fiend for stupid little monthly events like who can get to the top of T ranks or CT ranks? Listing a bunch of random words like "updates, interaction, consistency" doesn't mean anything is actually being done. How do you fix Jailbreak? Passionate people in the ranks that matter, with the competence to direct that passion. If you're an admin or even a regular ass player and you legitimately want to help Jailbreak, reach out to the community and get feedback. Sort of like what Gumline is trying to do here, only no one is really taking him seriously. But also reach out to those kids that still play the server that don't really use the forums, try to get them more involved, and see what they'd like to see on the server. If all else fails? Start hail marying shit. Nothing's gonna happen if the server sits in the same state it's in and you just keep trying to force people to play it and love it. Add a warden system, allow nonstop deathgames, but don't be surprised when nothing changes and as a result.. nothing changes.
  7. Wouldn't miss this for the world boss man. Gonna be the highlight of my day.
  8. In the nicest way possible, how the hell are we less than an hour from this meeting and there's no sort of structured agenda?
  9. welcome back, and damn son 1st year of college, i remember when you were just a youngin lmao

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      pretty sure we were chilling before i even got into highschool lmfaoo imagine that. miss you homie hope all is well

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      most definitely before you hit HS lol. I'm good, hope all is well for you too man. 

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  11. I suppose it's fitting for me to say some final words about roux at the place that brought us together.. Roux and I first started playing together when I was a stupid 12 year old kid and here I am a few months away from turning 18. Not many people get the privilege of being told they've made a major impact on who I've become, but roux definitely does. Having such a real, genuine person around throughout my entire time at SG to give me a reality check, advice, and tips on anything I needed was truly a blessing. Roux was by my side no matter what and he quite literally watched me grow into the person I am today. I usually have no regrets when it comes to telling my loved ones how much they mean to me, but it seems that the constant banter and trolling between us made me forget how important roux really was to me. And I'm sad to say that I wish I had reminded roux of the fact that he meant so much to me before time ran out. Roux, I've met hundreds of people on the internet, but no one brought the same energy as you. You were really one of a kind and it pains me that I'll never be able to hear you say another stupid one liner that will have me laughing my ass off. It was only a few days ago that you were under the influence in a competitive match saying some stupid shit in your foreign accent that had me smiling. I'll miss you so much buddy. Love you roux.