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  1. I understand where you're coming from and appreciate you having the nerve to speak up, which is exactly why I gave my explicit permission for you to come at this publicly. However, it's not unfair to point out that you're missing copious amounts of information, factors, and motivations. Before I get into it deeper, here's the fact of the matter: decisions are never going to be uniform. There is absolutely zero way to look back on every appeal and make sure we're staying consistent with decisions. There's too many appeals, too many factors, and the biggest thing - every time there will be a different set of people making the decision, all with different opinions. I'll give you a for instance.. I was not involved in any appeals regarding Slothy. However, I was heavily involved with Steel's appeal and argued for him to be unbanned. If I wasn't involved, maybe there would've been no one who spoke up to argue for an unban, and it never would've happened. So it's all about the hand you get dealt, and unfortunately there is no way to be completely fair and objective in every case. We aren't the Supreme Court, we'll evaluate a situation to the best of our ability but we're not cross comparing cases and ensuring that proper justice is served or anything like that.. we're just making the most informed decisions we can in the moment. I'd also like to remind everyone about the precarious situation we're in with the state of the community. You and Arctic Wolf going on Jailbreak and populating it is extremely appreciated, see the benefits we've reaped from unbanning you? In the past, we may not have been so lenient because we weren't struggling as a whole. However now, we're taking chances on people, with good reason too. I was unbanned 6 months ago or so, after being permanently banned for 2 years. Here we are 6 months later, and I've been a Director of the community for 2 months already. So if they hadn't unbanned me, I wouldn't be sitting here typing this. At the end of the day, it's what we're comfortable doing. If someone continues to cause trouble, they'll be dealt with accordingly. Slothy is on an absolute last chance basis before he will be forced out of this community for an extremely long time.. the rest is up to him. And if it comes down to that, it takes us nothing more than 15 minutes to ban him, send a message to the staff team, and then post to the public. If he ends up turning himself around, we're left with a solid regular that plays the server and promotes a positive environment for months on end. If he doesn't we aren't losing much time or energy.
  2. Just a quick note, we've changed the store credit multiplier for Supporters from 8x to 2x, along with the raffle points per minute from 36/min down to 4/min. These numbers were insanely high given we had 3 tiers and initially brought everything down from the highest rank, but we're still adjusting to the new one tier system. Thanks guys.
  3. This thread ran its course, gonna lock it up now.
  4. Not exactly an introduction.. but it seemed like an enticing title. We'd like to introduce our new (not exactly) role: Supporter! The Board and our staff have been discussing the layout of our supporter system and how it fits into our current community structure. With the smaller player base and lower number of servers, we decided that having three tiers didn't make sense anymore. However, we've gone a step further and dropped it back down to one tier, similar to how it was pre-2016. Additionally, we've dropped the price by nearly half what it used to be prior to the addition of new tiers. Our new price is just a few bucks - $2.99! We dropped the price with the thought in mind that we need to account for there not being as many players around currently, with the added thought that we aren't exactly reliant on incoming funds, so there's no harm for us in making it more affordable. However, we'd greatly appreciate anyone who wants to sign up for instant monthly renewal and help SG out, a few bucks a month from a decent amount of people is more than enough for the time being. If anyone did have a constant subscription going, you'll need to renew it. So, this change obviously implies that any and all perks that were in any of the previous tiers have been combined into this one. As a Supporter, you'll have access to every donator perk we have available along with any new ones we think to introduce. This includes but is not limited to access to exclusive in-game player models, a wider array of in-game commands, increased store credit multiplier, various Discord perks such as creating private channels, and much more. We appreciate all of you who have been supporting the community up to this point, and those who choose to support it in the future! Our staff team is working to the best of their ability to ensure the survival and growth of this community. Lastly, I'd like to do a quick giveaway in honor of the unification of these donation tiers. So... let's say the first 5 people to directly message @Hawks on the forums and tell him he's too short will get a month of Supporter on me. Thanks everyone.
  5. Hello everyone, The Board has come to the decision to shut down MiniGames. After constant evaluation, we've concluded that it's in our best interest to, for the time being, not split our population in multiple directions and focus majority of our efforts on TTT and Jailbreak. We've been seeing some fantastic progress with TTT lately and it's garnering a steady population, so we're hopeful that this is the right move. Along with TTT and Jailbreak continuing to run and our efforts going towards them, the Surf, Bhop, Retakes, and Scrim servers will stay online as well. We're extremely content with this format, and the staff team we have behind them. We're looking forward to working with our server managers, our staff members, and our player base to continue progressing the servers further and working our way back up to where we once were. The removal of MiniGames is temporary; contingent on the progress we see with TTT and Jailbreak and whether or not we can get back to the point of them being self-sustainable. We foresee this happening in the near future. Thank you to everyone who contributed to MiniGames over the years, and for those of you who love the server, know this isn't the end. Additionally, thank you to everyone contributing to the success of the servers currently, we're very appreciative of it. The Board is putting their full effort and attention towards helping the servers succeed by way of playing and engaging with the community, and we're looking forward to continuing to work with our staff team and our dedicated players to help things progress. Thanks everyone.
  6. Hey everyone, This has actually been delayed quite heavily, but Gumline has been permanently banned. We were originally going to ban him a few weeks back, following his continuous poor behavior on our forums and our servers. However, the discussion concluded and after a few days passed, he had disappeared for a bit. We still had intentions to ban him, but that coupled with the entire Board becoming extremely busy all at once + the forum downtime, it never came to fruition. But he recently started up again in the Shoutbox and we've decided to pull the trigger on it. Gumline has an immense history here for those that don't know. He's been permanently banned twice previously, with many, many infractions along the way. I've personally been apart of way too many discussions to count about him, and despite it all, I think he's hilarious and fun to play with. However, his behavior (specifically in our Shoutbox) recently is terrible for the atmosphere we're trying to promote and does absolutely no good for us especially in the current state we're in. It's unfortunate that he has all of a sudden popped back up at SG with such a fiery hatred for the community and the Board, but he isn't a special case by any means. It is quite the fall from grace in comparison to the actual decent version of Gumline that used to administrate Jailbreak, but being bitter due to old age catches up to all of us. (and male pattern baldness)
  7. Congratulations guys!
  8. Are intelligent people less happy? I'm a huge fan of this question, however it's a super, super layered one with a lot of things to consider so I've never fully committed myself to answering it thoroughly despite having written about it multiple times. I fully believe it to be true though, I think extremely ignorant people are naturally happier than very intelligent and self-aware people. I may delve deeper into this later but I'm super curious to hear some of your responses.
  9. Sort of confused as to how this could be seen as a 'way out' or whatever anyone thinks it is. Looks like a pretty standard move management wise.. there was a vague thread about feedback on the server in general, one specific topic shined through, so a thread specifically for that topic was created. I understand if you think a poll shouldn't be used as a decision maker for a change but actually having a poll and asking for more feedback about something you don't even want to change at all is a respectable move as a manager. Everyone could vote 'no' and Charlie could still make the decision as a manager to allow it. Charlie could ask the 8-10 people that actually play the server and decide based off of that as opposed to your posts based purely upon your own logic. I am personally fully on the side of not allowing Traitor baiting, despite my love for it now and in the past. However, at the end of the day if the managers decide they want to focus on appeasing the regulars that do play and allow it in order to encourage old players to come back around and fuck around with each other to promote funny, interactive, and interesting gameplay.. that doesn't sound totally illogical IMO. Right now the only people that are actually going to be playing our servers are people from here, and I don't think anyone would mind messing around with a rule like that on each other. When new players do join, I don't think anyone outside of people trying to prove a point would intentionally Traitor bait one of them. There is another side to this coin. I know it's easy to think your arguments are the correct ones, but there's different lines of thinking or reasons behind decisions that you may not be thinking of, especially when you're not sitting in the driver's seat. Like I said, I'm in total agreement with the opposing side, but to insinuate that the decision at the end will be biased, uninformed, illogical,.. anything really, without even considering that there's another reasonable line of thinking is foolish. Charlie made a solid, respectable move as a manager here and her decision at the end of it should be respected and accepted. And not for nothing, there's numerous reasons as to why a poll is better than nothing. Lots of people don't want to be bothered to write a post, aren't good at articulating their thoughts, or don't want to be scolded for their beliefs. If a poll is extremely one sided it isn't necessarily wrong to use that as opposed to a few posts. Not trying to downplay anyone's opinions or feedback but I don't think calling management styles into question is the right way to go about arguing this one way or the other. I posted my thoughts and left it at that, and I really don't think allowing / disallowing Traitor baiting is the life changing decision for the future of TTT to be honest.
  10. Yeah.. I'd say +1 to disallowing Traitor baiting. I used to abuse the shit out of it back in the day with my friends and the entire server would be filled with regulars so everyone found it funny. But if you're using it against random people it would be really unfunny to them and they'd probably be discouraged to continue playing.
  11. I'm choosing super speed any day of the week. Flash has always been my favorite hero and you'd be able to do a million different things with it. Teleportation would essentially be obsolete, you can time travel, so on and so forth.
  12. Hard question actually. Definitely not summer because it’s cool for a bit but then just annoyingly hot. Fall is probably my favorite because it’s a nice in between, because winter is also fun for a bit then it’s just annoyingly cold and the snow becomes bothersome.
  13. I also said this in the CA section, but just to be brutally clear.. Caution is the 100% greatest option as a President and it's really unfortunate that he isn't around. I don't think anyone would advocate for him being completely cut off from involvement, or to even relinquish ownership. I also don't think there's anyone who can really fill his shoes, but it's about quality vs. activity as it stands. I'd argue a switch in the presidency to someone more active that can show face around the community more is beneficial for various reasons, but a big one is that it'd probably instill hope in people. Caution isn't some tyrant who is refusing to give up power and he has toyed with the idea of giving it up, but just decided not to. I believe he said something about temporarily having some more time on his hands soon, but I hope if he foresees the trend continuing for a while that he'll consider it again. There's some good ol' transparency for you all.
  14. So obviously this thread is slightly dated at this point but I think it looks poor on us for threads to sit without a conclusion like this. I was gonna wrap it up, but people might want to respond after my post. All coming from a personal perspective here. I can tell you right now that Caution is not really active much. We don't see much from him behind the scenes and obviously that's because he's insanely busy IRL and is in an entirely different time zone. Not sure how much this justifies in everyone's heads, but I pretty much called on both him and Gator to resign in the CA section a few weeks back. I think it's fair to say Gator is showing massive improvement with activity and is probably one of the more active Board members actually. I don't think calling for a stand-in for Caution is unreasonable or a dated opinion though. Just like I said in the community meeting, he called on me to be promoted on the basis that I hold people accountable and I plan to stick to that. That also includes him, and I think I'd still support someone taking over the spot. The spot of President, not Owner lol. Our Board otherwise is pretty solid in terms of activity, though I did just address the fact that all we really need to be doing at this point is seeding the servers, and none of us are. And that includes me, but I also just wanted everyone to have the same sense of urgency I do. I also addressed the disorganization within the Board and we're working to get ourselves on the same page so we can work as a unit. The fact of the matter is that we have an insanely strong higher-up team, but with no where to aim the gun, the bullet is useless. I think once we figure out a clearer vision for where we want to go, things are really gonna start moving. As far as activity though, we're all pretty solid in that area. Our CA team is also pretty solid as far as activity goes. Pretty much all of them are involved in one way or another and they're all solid staff members. Same thing goes for AOs, we called everyone into question and they're being constantly assessed because of how integral their role is currently, and they're all doing well. With the admin team, we demoted a bunch of people (mostly Squad admins) for inactivity and warned a bunch of others. Additionally, we did demotions on the Events Team and Technical Team, and are still evaluating the entirety of the staff team as we speak. So as far as our staff team goes, we've done pretty well to trickle it down to the people who are still interested in SG and seeing it succeed. I hope this pretty much addresses it. Though these are my own personal opinions, I think it's a pretty accurate assessment of how things are going behind the scenes right now.
  15. I've moved this to the Suggestions Box and pinged everyone who is CA+ to respond here. We'll exercise complete transparency with this and discuss this start to finish publicly, with only extremely private details being restricted, if there is any. A big reason for this is to hear from all of you and give you all the opportunity to be more closely involved in our decision making and help us to realize any flaws prior to going through with it. Obviously me being me, I'm very intrigued at the idea of TF2 Jailbreak, and would love some further elaboration from you if possible. What's so difficult about implementing it, and is there much competition? And if there's little competition, is there a market for it to your knowledge? I'd also be curious to hear from anyone who has played both CS:GO and TF2 Jailbreak to list the major differences, including yourself. I think putting serious effort into the game can yield notable results, but I don't think we really did that to the best of our ability last time. My mindset is that if we dip our fingers into the game enough and gather some decent regulars that are TF2 inclined and move them up the ladder of our ranks, that'd be the best way to build a foundation there. And I think if we carry that mindset going in, we'll get what we want out of it.