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  1. Dumb fuck is still banned LMAOOOO


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  2. I suppose it's fitting for me to say some final words about roux at the place that brought us together.. Roux and I first started playing together when I was a stupid 12 year old kid and here I am a few months away from turning 18. Not many people get the privilege of being told they've made a major impact on who I've become, but roux definitely does. Having such a real, genuine person around throughout my entire time at SG to give me a reality check, advice, and tips on anything I needed was truly a blessing. Roux was by my side no matter what and he quite literally watched me grow into the person I am today. I usually have no regrets when it comes to telling my loved ones how much they mean to me, but it seems that the constant banter and trolling between us made me forget how important roux really was to me. And I'm sad to say that I wish I had reminded roux of the fact that he meant so much to me before time ran out. Roux, I've met hundreds of people on the internet, but no one brought the same energy as you. You were really one of a kind and it pains me that I'll never be able to hear you say another stupid one liner that will have me laughing my ass off. It was only a few days ago that you were under the influence in a competitive match saying some stupid shit in your foreign accent that had me smiling. I'll miss you so much buddy. Love you roux.
  3. Yo dom where you been at bro? 

  4. Hey man where you been?

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      Anyways cya man take it easy 

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      Yeah man ill meet you here next year for the memorial

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      he got banned

  5. whats next dommy? tango?

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      dude loves worshipping dominic 

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      you hate to see it JoJo.

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  6. still banned you fucking idiotspacer.png

  7. maybe one day I'll understand why people commit so much time to a community for years and then just take a steaming hot load all over it in just a few days or even hours.

  8. editing this dumbass one liner out

  9. Happy Birthday

  10. happy birthday dad