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H E L P ! ! ! Can't Create A Steam Account :-(

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So this is very frustrating for me guys. The new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 just came out. So being I am a pilot in training, I thought I would go buy me a simulator and buy FSX Steam, X-Plane and MFS 2020 and install them on my sim. Well I can't for the life of me create an account with Steam. Maybe it's because I'm Emo or what not but this is ridiculous if you know what I mean. So after I installed Windows 10 on my sim computer, I installed the steam client to create an account. It asks me for my email address, confirm my email address then select my country and then click the box saying I'm not a robot and when I do that, boxes appear with pictures in them. They want me to click on all boxes with motorcycles in them. So I do, then a check mark ticks in the robot box and I go down and click I'm over 13 years old and click continue. Then the nightmare starts. : -o  I get an error message saying (BAD CAPTCHA RESPONSE. PLEASE RE-VERIFY YOUR HUMANITY BELOW.) Now no matter how many times I try this over and over and over and over, it doesn't make any difference. I have gone on YouTube and watched videos on how to get around this issue and I've tried everything known out there to get around this. I have even reinstalled windows a second time and turned off my firewall in Windows 10. Still nothing. I can't contact Steam in any way or get on there forums because  you have to sign in or create an account to use there support. It's ridiculous how hard it is to get an account with them. I don't have a VPN either. I just have Cox high speed internet for my home.  Just so  you guys know, for me to create an account for this forum, I had to do that exact same thing here on Steam Gamers. And I had no problem creating this account. So can anyone who knows Steam very well please help me create an account???? I want to buy at least $200.00 worth of games from them but I guess they don't want my business. :-( Thanks for any help. 

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UPDATE: Hey everyone. Well someone answered one of my comments on YouTube and suggested I try creating the account using my phone or a tablet and not going through a windows computer. So I got on my flight tablet that I use when flying and was able to create an account. :-D But I still don't know as of now why I could not create it from my sim or my laptop. My tablet was connected to my same internet feed, so my 5 hour nightmare is finally over. Thanks for you guys reading my post. But if anyone knows why this ghostly issue was happening, please let me know for future. Tnx



aka Emo Jim

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Glad you got it figured out, have fun with the flight simulator man! Good luck on your future endeavors with pilot training. :nice:

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