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  1. People who play minecraft competitively are toxic as fuckkkk. I used to play hardcore factions pot pvp when I was younger and people would do 25 v 25 team fights and boot everyone on the other team offline. Not to mention there are tons of little kids and balding 30 year old virgins screaming in a teamspeak call constantly. While I do agree Rust is really toxic, I believe minecraft is a lot more toxic. (I only have like 80 hours in Rust).
  2. Glad you got it figured out, have fun with the flight simulator man! Good luck on your future endeavors with pilot training.
  3. With Forsaken, there are like 6 raids you can do in the game right now. BUT, in a few weeks the game will come out with a new expansion that vaults 4 of these raids and will introduce a few newer raids. The game kinda forces you to buy new DLC at this point.
  4. I've been playing it a bunch with the clan recently. It's awesome doing raids with new players and teaching them the game, so I encourage that everyone tries the game out if they haven't.
  5. Shawty


    Thankfully I did Whisper last year, so I already have the gun and the catalyst. Whisper and Zero Hour are hell for new players.
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    I'll make sure to join, thanks.
  7. Finally got this stupid fucking grenade launcher.[ATTACH=CONFIG]21708[/ATTACH]
  8. When you have a dz knife model as a detective, your taser will disappear from your inventory.
  9. Yo big mac, i recommend getting a m.2 ssd instead of the 1tb ssd since you have a hard drive already. Boot time is significantly lower with an m.2. Also, the h510 apparently has shit airflow, so you might wanna look for a different case. I personally have a phanteks p350x case and it looks great and has pretty good airflow with some added fans. I have a b450 motherboard and a ryzen 5 3600 and they work fine together, so there shouldn't be anything to worry about. Heres the ssd.
  10. The addition of the new plugin has ultimately made the server much more enjoyable and interesting in my opinion. First of all, the newly introduced random teleporter has made TTT more spontaneous and provokes deeper thinking in order to win as both traitor and innocent/detective. Furthermore, I believe that the detective change in which the taser message shows to everyone, not just the detective who used the taser has made things a lot more clear. There is less of a chance for people to rdm proven innocents while playing the server. I also really enjoy the missile when playing as a traitor because I can chuck it from across the map and still kill some people with it. I also think that the T item, Drop is heavily underrated and should be utilized more. I always use it as a traitor and it catches people off guard, allowing me to win more gunfights. With the addition of the new items, people with terrible aim can still win as T, making the server a lot more fun. TTT is a game that was created for people to actually use their brains and think about what they do before they act it out. This new plugin has led to different playstyle's revolving around smarts and quick thinking, which I think is great for the server.
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    The first time I heard it, it brought tears to my eyes. Can't believe you guys don't like it. ;(
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    Need to show some appreciation to YG for making such a beautiful song dedicated to 6ix9ine! Tell me what you think below.