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  1. Hey so with this thread being put out a bit ago. BD Designation There have been quite a few changes in the community ranging from a change in our highest-up leadership but also the abolishment of CA. I’m asking for the sake of transparency, is this the format that is still being implemented currently? Have discussion(s) happened since these changes and if so, what were the results? IMO this isn’t a pressing issue by any means, just a general thought from looking at the past thread. Should talk about it when you all feel it’s an appropriate time to if not. I’m curious to see how this same layout will work as of right now or if changes are made.
  2. i lost my other steam account 3 weeks ago i have been waiting to ask but have no clue who to ask?
  3. where is the zzl i cant find him
  4. who can see the Contact Us messages? if you can please read mine. thanks
  5. bro i just wanna show all my awards but i accidentally excluded one, and i dont know how to- undo that, so how do i do that?
  6. do i need to appeal if it just says You can not chat because you're in block list. can I never talk in shout box ever again or do i need to appeal
  7. ayoo when am I getting regular or something like dat been on dis server since 2016 or 2015 if I count it..... BTW I love all of you
  8. unknown.png (1920×1080) (discordapp.com) Is this a warday room cause theres a teleporter or a like arena death game? I never found a teleporter that leads to it or says arena is it the botton in armory that says warday? its also on the map moti2
  9. Is this spot on pyrenees kos if you're not on the bridge? https://imgur.com/S4WnpR4 https://imgur.com/zyxlF87
  10. Question, is swapping out your deagle during a gun toss lr slayable/punishable? I did it in a lr and was slayed for it even though in the rules it never specifies that it is not allowed. This has been around for a long time and every time I do it I never end up getting slayed. and you can see here that in gun toss rules it doesn't state that it is not allowed.
  11. Simply asking why exactly do you need put your real life age in admin applications? Is age a factor when applying for admin or it's just to give staff some background info on the applicant(if the latter, isn't better to trust the logs)? I'm not arguing for the removal of age but just curious why age is required while not optional especially when you guys have access of steamid which include public chat logs, activity, and ban records that give staff hints of the applicant past/current behavior as well as personal experience with the applicant.
  12. i applied for some awards and i also just applied for a custom forums tag. pls lmk if you guys can look at it
  13. Was thinking whether Post this in bug report or talk to ZZL instead but decided to post here since I felt people should have a say on this matter. Cut to the case(as the title suggest) I'm suggesting for a temporary removal the 'pink panther' skin/model on JB. I know many that like/prefer the skin as it's a good skin tbh, however, I'm suggesting this as it's a little broken/outdated To elaborate, here are some similar clips to explain what I mean but if you don't feel like watching i'll just put mini summary under the clips to explain( thx @spook and @john jones for recording you guys wo consent <3) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^ Here you can stop at 0:20 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary To sum up all these clips, all either had knife/guns in the wrong placements(in the feet) and even the utility is slightly inside the model( in 2nd clip but didn't clip other examples w other utilities to solidify this statement). Sometimes the guns are outside of the model entirely. This really trouble CT's knowing if they have a primary or secondary or a knife when the T is on angles(like roof on some maps). This even put an advantage to the skin with long range combat(before attacking) as guards have to properly analyze if they have a primary or knife far away without the obvious implications of that T have primary ton heir hand. This recently put a unsavory thought in me whether this crosses the line of "pay to win" aspect or not especially when you need subscriber to access pink panther skin(correct me if I'm wrong). So I'm here suggesting for temporary removal for a possible fix on the model or let it as it is. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you feel this a good/bad idea or alr been talked about, please put it comments Thx!
  14. If possible, could admins make the retakes server open to all people not just prime players. If not, I would kindly for an explanation on why it isn't for everyone. thank you
  15. how do i get rid my my tag in general, like if i dont want one
  16. If another T is in a lr with your ct buddy and they aim there pistol at you for over 3 seconds with a bullet in it is that kos?
  17. In jailbreak is holding out a grenade for over 3 seconds kos? Like a HE Grenade or Molotov, because isn't holding out any sort of contra for over 3 seconds is kos?
  18. what if my warning shot on JB kills someone or I accidentally shoot twice.
  19. If someone in TTT throws like a smoke or flashbang at you and hits you can you technically kill them? I know they're technically doing damage to you but I'm just making 100% certainty.
  20. is there any official staff list as of now, i understand i can just go through this and/or the discord
  21. just a random question, is it possible to delete/remove your own forums posts? or is that like a mod/admin job to do
  22. Lord forgive me I thought it'd be hilarious to take Kuri's forums name cuz he changed it to "fast" for some reason and he also thought it was funny and he's ok with it so it's not like I was maliciously impersonating him It's been like 2 days so the jokes kinda run its course so when I went to change my name back I saw this chilling message... NINETY DAYS??? I HAVE TO BE KURI FOR 3 FUCKING MONTHS??!?!??!?! No. This is torture and should be illegal. I cannot pretend to be this kid for 3 months on the forums, I simply do not have the strength. Please for the love of god change my name to daft. I don't care what it takes. I'll donate skins, dress up in a maid outfit, post my 6th grade yearbook photo, LITERALLY I'LL DO ANYTHING I REALIZE I MADE A HORRIFIC MISTAKE AND KARMA HAS BIT ME IN THE ASS AND I'M SORRY Also I think this is a good time to ask for the plain "daft" forums name cuz someone took it to make an appeal account like half a decade ago so thanks in advance please have mercy on me
  23. Just a question is the guard tower ladder/platform kos to be on? Just making sure I don't wanna be freekilling people if it isn't kos.
  24. Just curious, how many warnings does an admin have to give before banning for mic spam, like 1 mute 1 kick, or just 1 mute, or like 2 mutes, something like that
  25. Can you see like an all-time messages from a single player? Cause I want to view some messages but I dont rememeber what day its on.
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