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  1. HAHA this fat boy haahah

  2. Hampless

    the "Nether"

    in minecraft party. is the teleporter to nether kos? im just wondering
  3. this was the funniest thing ive ever seen
  4. this is so true though this post. I right clicked an enemy and he killed me but my teammates just stood there and did nothing.
  5. same. i rebel a lot but at some times the ts and cts should have some fun together like All Ts said
  6. Hampless


    here post what lrs you would like to be added just to talk about not to be added.(add options to lrs or just adding lrs alone) Me i would like to see a crouching knife fight so u cant back away or a group knife fight that 2 cts and 2 ts can be part of. Hampless.
  7. welcome bro i see you on JB a lot. Welcome to the forums

  8. Welcome i see you on JB a lot welcome to the fourms

  9. Hampless

    Favorite Map?

    just a thread to see what maps everyone likes i know someone did this but about orders. Personally my favorite map is the old lego jail (not the 2017 one) other then the one way the map is amazing to me -Hampless
  10. this was so bad that day lmfao then you have me screaming half the time.
  11. most of the time Ts r turning it on to kill teammates turn it on and atleast 4 people die due to this. Is there a way we can make this a CT only thing where only cts can activate it? cts can still freekill and turn it on for no reason but itll lower the chances of ts dieing from it. everytime im on this map it is used a lot from 4 to 6 times a rotation Thanks Hampless
  12. Welcome to the forums hampless :d

  13. most of the time cts r nazis and will shoot you over the littlest thing, but most of the time when a ct give a order like shift walk or crouch order. You do it. But after a while ur finger gets annoyed and starts to hurt a little so you take your finger off the key for not even a second and they shoot you right away. My point is, you cant hold your finger on a key for a while and is this a freeshot or not?