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  1. Bubblez my son


  2. aight, send me ur snap and ill add u

  3. you've finally mae ur forums account what do u even do for entertainment nowaddays

  4. hey man its been a minute, we should catch up. also whats boa talking about lol

  5. Hey Shaan I was with a girl a year older than me, can you say the same?

  6. I always find it ridiculous how you kept preaching about "realness" and then I heard what you did. LOL!

  7. I have never been soooooo fucking disgusted and disappointed in a human being (are you even a human being?).

  8. dont forget ur meds bro the doc said to take one every 5 hours and 2 before sleep

  9. Bruh you died off corona hey? See u in the next life mark

    1. P3rg3


      NO MAN IVE BEEN WAITING ON UR BITCH ASS. I come here to talk to my homie. U keep insulting me with that fake snap bullshit. WE GOTTA CATCH UP BRO, its been years for real

    2. Bubblez


      add me on sc and we can talk

    3. Chrixz


      aw sheit, bubblez is still alive yo

  10. Yeah bro you heard right, i fell down the stairs cuz ur mom wouldnt get off of me, hes addicted to me bro. U just worry about ur grades and let me worry about ur mom

  11. do you good?

    heard you hit your head down the stairs yesturday

  12. Hey bro, your talking pretty strange, sure u dont got corona ????

  13. bro i saw ur dad at the store oh wait that guy was with a family sorry dude!