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  1. Cheers Wesker, you were the best
  2. No boredom? Also yea I totally agree with this, just so we can beat rizomata and |0v0| (and boredom)
  3. I was wondering if any of you here play any kind of rhythm games as for myself I've played a shit ton and just absolutely fell in love with the genre. So Steam-Gamers, what rhythm games do you play? I'll start first: Osu! (if you play, what's your rank?) K-Shoot Mania Groove Coaster Beat Saber A Dance of Fire and Ice In the Groove 2 That one ddr with 5 pads (forgot what it was called) Pop 'n' Music Jubeat Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun! (Taiko for switch!) Crypt of the Necro Dancer Just Dance (I only play with my family so chill) Crossbeats Beatmania
  4. Yea I did see diryathing's post but most of it i didn't really understand. I haven't played a lot of ZE that year so i missed out on a lot. So can anyone give a brief explanation of all the big things that happened in 2018 (Except January, I was there for that). Thank