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  1. he could have been good admin if it wasnt for the fact that he is a furry :nono:

  2. It has been a good run everyone, but it is finally time for me to go. I have been around Steam-Gamers for years now and it definitely holds a special place in my heart. Unfortunately the stresses of managing the Zombie Escape server have begun to affect my mental and physical well being. I have come to the conclusion that despite how much this place means to me I cannot place it above my own health. I will still check in every once in a while so if anyone wants to reach out to me feel free. I have known so many of you over these past years so instead I will do a general call out. Thanks to everyone here that has been a friend to me, who has helped out the staff and especially those who have worked on Zombie Escape which is my favorite server. Hopefully the ZE server will be able to continue but if not it had a good run, recently a lot of people helped out in order to revive it which is greatly appreciated. Please all of you take care of yourselves and enjoy the time you have been given.
  3. 24th August 2020 Added GameUI lag fix - will no longer lag clients who pickup map items using this entity Added settings menu back to SG store - you can now toggle bullet tracers & nade trails again Fixed MapChooser sometimes filling map vote with illegible maps (player count) if players did not fill nomination slots
  4. 22nd August 2020 Added /hitmarker command to toggle hitmarkers on and off Added cooldown display on nominate menu (will show cooldown remaining for a map) Added "Random Map" option on end of map vote (will automatically choose a map if selected) Fixed MapChooser to not lose cooldown status of maps if the server restarts
  5. I've implemented a new algorithm for tagging - at 275 units away it will start to fall off in strength until it reaches zero. Please play around with the new system and let me know if it is too hard (for humans) or too easy (for zombies). You can check how far units are by typing /hide (ie. /hide 275) this will show you the falloff distance.
  6. 4th August 2020 Re-added Flashlight on certain maps that are too dark to see with only Nightvision Added verification to our ZE Discord, you can now link your In-Game Discord accounts Added additional Human and Zombie models for verified members on our Discord

  8. 21st July 2020 Removed Flashlight*** Fixed bug with un-ending rounds** Changed regular zombie speed from 310 to 305 and mother speed from 315 to 305 Added nightvision, press F to toggle on / off and !nvs for settings*** Added mother zombie cycle -> players will now be selected only if they were not previously selected last round **Sometimes if all players died before mother zombie spawned in, the round would "hang" forever. This has been fixed with mp_ignore_round_win_conditions "0" (not sure why this was ever "1" in the first place) ***Apparently flashlights caused players to randomly crash, which tanked our player numbers. NightVision does an alright job and will replace it from now on.